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Sunday, July 15, 2007

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Confront Injustice 01:25From: SnarfsViews: 1470

Tony Eats His Words 04:45 From: nickedwards61Views: 643

Let's All Waterboard!01:28From: IgnatiusdeddViews: 4810

Bush lies and threatens the Constitution, Pt.1
08:49From: sgbnycViews: 9,145

Bush lies and threatens the Constitution, Pt.2
02:28From: sgbnycViews: 3,369

Bush Lies
06:31From: sanduskyViews: 10,777

stopiranwar.com Intro
01:14From: WesleyClarkViews: 24,803 More in News & Politics

Stand with Me Now to Stop the War! - House Resolution 1234
03:14 From: Kucinich2008Views: 3,560 -More in News & Politics

Stop the Funding of the War!
08:04 From: PDAMERICAViews: 12,034 More in People & Blogs

Bring Our Brothers Home
05:10 From: Queensheba5000Views: 62,450

Pelosi To Code Pink: You're not my constituents! 02:34 From: CafeNetAmericaViews: 1811

Dick Cheney Exposed (Plus Other Google Videos)

Dick Cheney Spoof (Plus Other Google Videos)


“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable”.



Joan Baez - Where have All The Flowers Gone
Joan Baez at the Operation Ceasefire Concert in Washington DC on 9/24/2005...Baez music folk protest -
jackynjimyViews: 61,306Added: 1 year ago
-Time: 05:17 –

-JOAN BAEZ Blowing in the Wind 1963
Joan Baez is seen in a clip from the 1963 documentary, "The World of Eleanor Roosevelt." The young Joan sings and plays her guitar in a Joan Baez is seen in a clip from the 1963 documentary, "The World of Eleanor Roosevelt." The young Joan sings and plays her guitar in a comfy living room setting...and reveals why she had already reached legendary status and starred in the film with the likes of Gregory Peck, Harry Belafonte, Edward G. Robinson, Marian Anderson and Paul Newman. (more) (less)
From: jamesrstewartazViews: 114,362Added: 11 months ago
-Time: 02:51

-Joan Baez - Joe Hill
Joan Baez at the Operation Ceasefire Concert in Washington DC on 9/24/2005...baez folk music protest
From: jackynjimyViews: 24,003Added: 1 year ago
-Time: 03:59 –

-joan baez (This One Is Just A Favorite, A Fantasy Favorite Having Met Joan In A Greenwich Village Coffee House When We Were Both Very Young…Younger? No Political Significance Here.)
joan baez performs love song to a stranger...joan baez
From: DancinDrAlucardViews: 30,092Added: 10 months ago
-Time: 03:40 –

on youtube.. so, here you go... Sorry for the lousy editing....Bangladesh Liberation War Song of Joan Baez 1971
From: kSukarnoViews: 5,491Added: 5 months ago
-Time: 04:51 –

-Joan Baez NOT allowed to play at Walter Reed hospital
Joan Baez is interviewed on Democracy NOW and talks about how she was supposed to play for wounded soldiers at Walter Reed. She was invited ... all Joan Baez is interviewed on Democracy NOW and talks about how she was supposed to play for wounded soldiers at Walter Reed. She was invited ... all » to play by John Mellencamp but the military said that she is not welcome... (more) (less)
From: researchris2Views: 697Added: 1 month ago
-Time: 06:15 -More in News & Politics

-Marching up to freedom land
Joan baez singing acapella...Baez Joan Turn me around
From: Baez971Views: 16,865Added: 11 months ago
-Time: 01:29 –

-Joan Baez - 500 Miles & There But Fortune (live)
Joan Baez, during a 60's acoustic concert....joan baez live 500 miles there but for fortune folk political
From: konig82Views: 173Added: 4 days ago
-Time: 05:36 –

-Fairy Tale Sacrifice
as sung by Joan Baez. The Japanese version was used in Revolutionary Girl Utena....princess tutu ahiru mytho fakir rue dona donna joan baez -
From: sutaretaidanViews: 6,220Added: 8 months ago
-Time: 03:10 –

-Cher Masters of War
Art photos of Cher to her song, "Masters of War" a fitting anti-war song from her 1969 album "Backstage."...Cher
From: cherstylerViews: 156Added: 2 months ago
-Time: 04:05 -More in Film & Animation

-Re: Re: The youtube Get Out Of Iraq Campaign
see just some of the lives lost. The song is Bruce Springsteen's rendition of "We Shall Overcome."...Iraq war US leave now The U.S. needs to leave Iraq now. We've done enough bloodletting in the world and don't need to add more. Visit http://riverbendblog.blogspot.com/ for what's really going on in Iraq. Visit http://www.iraqbodycount.org/ to find out the sad toll. Visit http://www.facesofthefallen.org/main/ to see just some of the lives lost. The song is Bruce Springsteen's rendition of "We Shall Overcome." (more) (less)
From: aaronbeesViews: 546Added: 6 months ago
-Time: 04:52 –

-Eulogy of Bobby Kennedy
of his brother Bobby, using excerpts from Bobby's famous speech to the students of a South African university in 1966....Robert Francis Kennedy Bobby Edward Ted Ted Kennedy delivering the closing part of the eulogy at the funeral of his brother Bobby, using excerpts from Bobby's famous speech to the students of a South African university in 1966. (more) (less)
From: PaddyIrishMan2ed: 6 months ago
Tim: 07:23 –

Robert F. Kennedy speech ~ Mindless Menace of Violence
watched it, rent it today, it is a wonderful production. Thank you for watching today....Robert Kennedy Mindless Menace of Violence Bobby This speech by Robert F. Kennedy was given on April 5, 1968 at the City Club of Cleveland, Cleveland, Ohio. The soundtrack is from the movie more... "Bobby", if you haven't watched it, rent it today, it is a wonderful production. Thank you for watching today. (more) (less)
From: MindwalkerStudiosViews: 2,255Added: 1 month ago
-Time: 06:20 –

-Bobby(2006)-The Sound Of Silence (Robert F. Kennedy)
Bobby(2006) - The Sound Of Silence (Robert F. Kennedy) Director : Emilio Estevez Music : Simon And Garfunkel...bobby 2006 The Sound
From: quierolaura1Views: 2,943Added: 2 months ago
-ime: 03:04 -

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1.-Fighting For – Coppermine

2.-Bring 'em On - John Hughes

3.-How About You - Mitch Master

4.-We'll Buy A Flag - Robert Morgan Fisher

5.-Yellow Ribbons - Stephen J Morris

6.-Worlds On Fire - Tommy Fuller

7.-Talking Post Trauma Blues - Tom Smith

8.-Stadt im Regen (City In The Rain) - Bozz Rockband

9.-America First - Merle Haggard

10.-Where Is Your Soul? - Gil Garcia

11.-Tear Hate Down – Transcender

12.-Dirty War - Esther Galil

13.-DeLuGe – BoMDoG

14.-Dear George W. Bush - Travis Grosland

15.-An American Bomb - Ice-Core Scientist

16.-On The Line - Chuck Williams

17.-He's The Man - Josh J. Williams

18.-Death Toll - Electric Shadow

19.-If You Tell A Lie - Blame Sally

20.-Endangered - Electric Shadow

21.-Execution Row - Jan Lewis

22.-MalaBushisms - John Flaherty

23.-In The News - Kris Kristofferson

24.-Sea of Mass Confusion - Bill Farkas

25.-Eminent Domain – Mugfug

26.-Battle of New Baghdad - Jan Lewis & Jerry Miller

27.-Politix - Private Domain

28.-Ghosts Of 9/11 - Brian Moniz

29.-Machine Guns And Jesus Christ - A Sheep At The Wheel

30.-Dress Blues - Drive-By Truckers

31.-Late For The Bus - Ron Gletherow

32.-George Orwell Where Are You? – Linq

33.-The Red Sea - Ken Clark

34.-Roll The Carriage 'Round - Jennifer Sherrill

35.-Russian Dolls / The Rape of Iraq - Michel Griffin

36.-Dear Mr. President – Pink

37.-Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore - John Prine

38.-16 Words - Margo Guryan

39.-Bring 'em Home - Bruce Springsteen

40.-Dear Mr. President – Jamison

41.-I Have Seen The Rain - Pink & her father

42.-Bubble Of Doubt - Max Vanremmerden

43.-We Can't make It Here Anymore - James McMurtry

44.-World Wide Suicide - Pearl Jam

45.-American Jesus - Bad Religion

46.-Let Them Eat War - Bad Religion

47.-Go Go USA - Red Dirt

48.-Idiot Son Of An Asshole – Nofx

49.-Corporate Games - Brad Stubbs

50.-When A Tear Falls - Steve Van

51.-Fuck The War - Ralph Buckley

52.-He Swapped The Bottle For The Bible - The Bushwhackers

53.-Hypnotized - Christian Grill

54.-Peace Not War – Cornelius

55.-Patriot Act - Brian Griffin

56.-Jump And Shout - Howard Glazer

57.-Cheers - Harmony Aquarian

58.-Letter Home - John MacLean

59.-Dispatches From the HomeFront Part 4 - Brian Griffin

60.-Rosie – Edith

61.-You're A Terrorist - Holli Burton And The Patriot Act

62.-Denial - David Vegezzi

63.-Who Would Jesus Bomb - John Duggleby & Lance Brown

64.-No One Can Govern The Sun - Volker Doormann

65.-They Say It - Liz Durrett

66.-Lives In The Balance - Andrew Thomas

67.-An American/My God - Shootin' Pains

68.-One Trillion Dollars – Antiflag

69.-Bigg Trux - Dawgg Country

70.-Shock And Awe - Scott Dewar

71.-Iraq War-Everybody Hurts - Ted Hyson

72.-Magnetic Yellow Ribbon - Asylum Street Spankers

73.-A Stupid American Song - Rick Barry

74.-The Last Soldier - Brad DiBello

75.-Plug Wars - SV2 Studios

76.-Bush Whore - Self Tort

77.-Son of a Bush - Memo Salazar

78.-Greasy Little Weasel From Texas - Bartholomew Bean

79.-Happy Springtime (Bush Is over) - Justice Through Music Project

80.-America The Beautiful 2006 - Ron Bailey

81.-Bomb the World – Greenpeace

82.-We Will Not Be Silenced - DJ Paul Edge

83.-No More Weapons - Steel Pulse

84.-I Don't Want To Live This Way – Paolo

85.-Talkin' George H. W. Bush Jr. Blues - Blumrich/Levenberg

86.-Leaving Beirut - Roger Waters

87.-Rich Mans War - Hundred Year Flood

-88.-Lead & Mercury - Willem Maker

89.-Armageddon On Your Mind – Crappco

90.-B.Y.O.B. - System of a Down

91.-Path To Greed - Jeffrey Smith

92.-The Only Way - The Joe Lutton Project

93.-Bring Home The Troops - American Dirt

94.-Too Much Bush - Peter Rosten

95.-Stop The War - Mark Willis

96.-People Look Around - Catie Curtis

97.-Yo Blair - Andy Stonestreet

98.-Live Free Or Die - Rob Sherren

99.-He Swapped The Bottle For The Bible - The Bushwhackers

100.-Welcome To The Jungle - Peter Anderson

101.-Smart Bombs - Patrick Wallace

102.-Sub-Iraqian Homesick Blues - Paul Hipp

103.-Oughta Be A Law - Fenikz Productions

104.-Heard Somebody Say - Devendra Banhart

105.-Peace Is A Loaded Gun - The Attic

106.-War Child - Chris O'Neil

107.-I'm with Stupid - World Shelter

108.-(I Know Why You're) Semper Fi - Ian Rhett

109.-Somethings In The Air - Chris Chandler & Karen Kilroy

110.-I Am The President - The Fourth Wall

111.-War Eagle - Patrick Dodd

112.-Give Peace A Chance – RottenCommieRat

113.-The Radical Muslim Stomp – Clang

114.-White House Jihad - Ed Hale

115.-Where Do We Go From Here? – Losthills

116.-America Sucks – Grimskunk

117.-Go To War – Dud

118.-Two By Three - Ricard Moffat

119.-Heroes of America - August Bullock

120.-We Will Not Be Silenced - tol23Design

121.-Star Black Sky - Patrick Wallace

122.-Sunday Bloody Sunday – ThePartyParty

123.-No Fighting - Nancy Hall

124.-Caught In The Crossfire - Derbil Motion

125.-King George – zefuldar

126.-Peace - Esther Sparks

127.-Holiday in the USA – Blairs

128.-Missing Man - Bunny Brown

129.-Walter Reed - Michael Penn

130.-George Bush – theWave

131.-Lies Lies Lies – Ministry

132.-Unhappy New Year - Greg Lawrence

133.-Shoot Them In The Head - Dick Philpot

134.-Sigh (Wake Up) – Hawkwise

135.-Someday (2007) – Bordertown

136.-Bushy - Tiny Masters Of Today

137.-Drunk On Election Night - Dan Kelly & The Alpha Males

138.-Boom Boom - Rick Hall

139.-George W. Bush does RAP - Chopped Liver Productions

140.-Pop the Weasel (Impeach Bush) - Jim Coffey

141.-Sibel Edmunds - Gary Hood

142.-Long Dark W. Night - Vlix Saka Tor

143.-So Goes America - David Kowal

144.-What Do You Care - Ray Kainz

145.-Spill My Wine (Fallujah) - Razorwire 'n Voodoo

146.-Courage For A Rainy Day - Rick Barry

147.-Casino Nation - Andrew Thomas

148.-Bodies In Bodybags - Siobhan O'Brien

149.-Neo Con Luv Song - Iron Sheik

150.-Take Me Home - G. Rutledge/A. Eaton/M. Howard

151.-Postcards From Saigon - James Blundell

152.-Stolen Horses / Under Disguise - T. Mitch Bell

153.-(Didn't Know I Was) Unamerican - Ian Rhett

154.-Do You Think About Me? - Chris Paulson

155.-Mosh - Ian Inaba

156.-FCC FU - fccfu.com

157.-Clean House – Fubar

158.-Carta abierta a los senores de la guerra - Juan Villalonga

159.-grand pepper & Andre' Martinez - The Change

160.-Vampire Blues - The Count

161.-Wake Up America - The Shimbos

162.-Nuclear Waltz - Aldous Orwell

163.-Friendly Fire - Friendly Rich And The Lollipop People

164.-I Can't Take Them Anymore - In The Public Interest

165.-Tribute To The Fallen - Nella Fantasia

166.-Families - Bo Alexander

167.-Dust - J.J. Hayes

168.-Light Up Ya Lighter – Spearhead

169.-Bushwhacked - Tom Chelston

170.-Asshole V1 - Filmstrip International

171.-Enough God – Lessia

172.-Built For The War - Burn/Hewer/lorio

173.-Two Thousand Six Hundred Souls - Paul Hipp

174.-treat US like children - Citizen O'Kane

-175.-The Change - grand pepper & Andre' Martinez

176.-Now Is Rising - Earth People

177.-Fuzzy Math - The Bots

178.-Flag Of Democracy - Ernie Van Veen with T.W.E.

179.-Behind The Scenes - Heavy Meadow

180.-Dover - John Flynn

181.-For The Turnstiles - Derbil Motion

182.-Sponsor A Missile - Cynically Tested

183.-Not My America - Op-Critical

184.-Veterans For Peace - Tom Chelston

185.-The Commander in Chief - Dagmar 2

186.-Small Chance - Walter Mann

187.-On A Grey October Day - Project Failure

188.-No Merry Christmas In Baghdad - Brian Salvador Curley

189.-An Administrations Legacy - Burnt Page Films

190.-A Traitors Death - Josh Hisle

191.-Not Just A Number - PeaceTakesCourage.com

192.-Innocents - Op-Critical

193.-The Last Election - Nathan Asher & the Infantry

194.-Secret Downing Street Memo - John Bourne Harbour

195.-Taoist Priest - Bryan Colechin

196.-The Decline - Peter Anderson

197.-New World Lies - Steven Stealberg

198.-The Missing Link - Bill Carpenter

199.-Why Oil - Sound Proof

200.-Do We Really Want More – Limo

201.-Walker - Hugo Race And The True Spirit

202.-Empty Lies – Mediademon

203.-Freeway Blogging - ImpeachBushco.com

204.-Danger Zone - Temple 8

205.-Twenty - Sue Turner-Cray

206.-Poppy's Order - John Bourne Harbour

207.-War - Chopped Liver Productions

208.-Holy Dirt - Steve Schalchlin

209.-What Barry Says - Knife-Party

210.-Side By Side 44 - Grasping At Laws

211.-Just Deserts - Terri Rerrari

212.-Shiloh - Eric Myers

213.-MKLVFKWR - Kelly Gallaher

214.-Distortion - Ben McCormick

215.-We're Not Special – Voice

216.-All Souls' Day - Teresa Healy

217.-Flora Bush - Frank Lesser

218.-Little For Me – Threshhold

219.-Emperor Strikes Out - The Mockers

220.-James Isaak - The Bay

221.-We The People - Jeff Shad

222.-The Divide - Voice & FluxRostrum

223.-Back To School Blues - Gene Black

224.-Rules Don't Apply To You - World Can't Wait

225.-My My Blue Heaven 3 - Jane Carol O'Grady

226.-Iraq Just A Comma - Zed Jones Unit

227.-December Skies - Jesus' General

228.-Foe – Eggroll

229.-Philosophy - Christian Sinner

230.-Time to Wake Up - Alex Legg

231.-Coming Home Soon - Latch Key Kid

232.-Reflex Motor – Aliens

233.-Run To The Rock - James Cavenaugh

234.-Who Put America In Charge? – Niav

235.-Corporate Games March - Brad Stubbs

236.-Blood On My Hands - John Finn

237.-Pax Americana - Michael Griffin

238.-Kontrol - Poker Faces

239.-Raise Up Your Voices - Jeffrey Smith

240.-War Zone - Brett Stewart

241.-Letter 2 the Prezid3nt - Sun House

242.-7th Day – JEBO

243.-I Wanna Know - Poker Face

244.-Armageddon - Russell Thomas Agenda

245.-The Mechanics of Plastic - Francesco Levato

246.-The Right To Remain - Francesco Levato

247.-American Song - Ben Pilgrim

248.-Eurphoria - Zen Thesis

249.-Politics As Usual - Nobody's Mule

250.-You Can't Lie To Me - Old Dawgs New Tricks

251.-A Political Song - Uncle Ted's Garage

252.-Iraq Day by Day - Arms Agains War

253.-Dear Mr Bush - Ralph Buckley

254.-Jesus on Patrol - Ed Petterson

255.-Baghdad - Ed Petterson

256.-Heal the Earth - Will Carroll

257.-War On War - Bob America

258.-Mullet Over - Spider Gear

259.-01.20.09 - Brian Macinanti

260.-The Cost The Banner The Business - Dave Travis

261.-Mr. America - Terry Hubbard

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